Microsoft Teams hidden inactive channels. Clipchamp Brand kit | Ep 339

Microsoft Teams hidden inactive channels. Clipchamp Brand kit | Ep 339

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Your Microsoft Teams channel list will tidy itself up soon, so you can focus on what’s currently important to you. But will this impact how teams communicate with each other when the General channel can be auto-hidden? Clipchamp introduces brand kits to provide the video creators in your organisation with common brand elements like fonts, colour palettes, sound effects and more.

Daniel and Darrell now share their 365 Message Center message sorting with a live audience. Join the live stream and the chat. Contribute to the show and tell us which messages are important to you and why. 👉 Subscribe to the YouTube channel to be notified or plan to join us.

This week on the 365 Message Center Show

Daniel and Darrell cover:

– Web links in new Outlook for Windows to open side-by-side with email – MC803892

– SharePoint New content pane for Pages and News – MC803891

– Teams Message result suggestions when typing to search – MC805211

– Teams Detecting and hiding inactive channels – MC804771

– Clipchamp Brand kit feature is rolling out with extended elements to Microsoft subscriptions – MC805215

– Teams Tenant Federation setting to control external access with trial-only tenants – MC805200

– Microsoft 365 apps Improved resharing experience – MC805212

Join Daniel Glenn and Darrell as a Service Webster as they cover the latest messages in the Microsoft 365 Message Center.

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